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  Welcome to my website on Lefever Arms.

I'm Bob Noble and I discovered the beauty of Lefevers about 20 years ago. I've collected a number of other doubles but my first love has always been for Uncle Dans creations.

    I do like all of the different styles and types of Lefever Arms guns. But my collector interests have been focused on Dan's guns from the very start up to the time he left the Lefever Arms Co.

    My goal with this website is to share the Lefever name with others. To learn and help others understand their Lefever.

    We have no factory records for Lefevers. So for the next best thing it a list of the serial numbers of the known surviving guns. For years I have been saving Lefever serial numbers. I'm up close to 3000 total numbers. I've been adding 200 to 300 new numbers a year from guns that I find and help from others. I'm willing to help others with info from my list but I wont send it out.

    I would like to go through some history of Dan Lefever and his gun. I will also go over the grades and variations.

    I will not discuss the Lefever Nitro. They were built by Ithaca after Ithaca closed down Lefever Arms and I don't have any interest in them. There just not part of the Lefever story.

    I don't put exact dates on Lefevers. I dont know how this can be done. About 1/3 of the Syracuse models were built out of serial number sequence.

I've always got something going, depending how rich I am, If I'm buying or selling.

 (907) 299 1362

 Bob Noble

Ninilchik, Alaska 99639

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